Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I made a funny

Yesterday we were driving and Chad had on the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe" and it's mostly sung by a guy but in the middle of the song there's a part where a girl sings a bit and Jordan yelled out "Dad!! This is a GIRL song!!!" Chad told him, "No it's not." Then Jordan replied, "Yeah huh, there's a girl singing!!" Chad then told him, "It's okay. I like girls. Mommy's a girl and your sisters are girls." To which Jordan replied, "But Dad...You know I'm allergic to girls!!!" We laughed so hard!!! Then when he realized he'd made a funny, he said, "You better not tell anyone I said that!" That made us laugh even harder. Kids are hilarious!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Katee's busy Saturday

Okay so about a week ago Katelyn gave herself a hair cut. So Saturday I took her to Great Clips to get it fixed. She had cut one side pretty short and she cut some of the top behind her bangs so she had to cut it pretty short.
This is one side of her hair before the haircut.

She sat in the chair just fine, but when the lady pulled out the cape to put on her, she went nuts!! So she ended up sitting on my lap the whole time. After that, she did great!
She even let the lady blow-dry her hair! She looked so cute.
Afterwards, we went to get frozen yogurt. Yumm!!

Then we went home and she played with Grandpa! Weeeeee!!! She has no fear!

She's going to be a roller coaster rider like her Mom!After all that fun, she went out back to ride her bike! 10 minutes later, she came in screaming!!

She crashed her bike and hit a wooden post face first!! It started to swell up so fast so I had to hold her down to keep ice on it for a little while. She DID NOT like that!! She wouldn't let me take a picture of it either. So I managed to get this one while she was laying on the couch.



DAY 3 (tired of me taking her picture)


So today is day 5 (haven't taken her picture yet today) and it looks like she has purple marker under and around her eye. There's even a bit of yellow/green bruising up towards her eyebrow. So I know it looks bad. Every time I go anywhere, people constantly stop and ask me what happened or ask her "Did you get an ouchie?" and she just stares at them like "What are you talking about?" She doesn't know it's there except for when she walks by my mirror and then she sees it and touches it and says "ouchie!" Anyways, so we were at the Sprouts this afternoon and she was a very good girl (no tantrums or anything!). No one had asked me about her eye for some reason on this trip. THEN.....................................I was standing in line to pay when a POLICE OFFICER approached me and was looking at Katelyn (checking out the eye), and introduced himself and said "A concerned customer called me to come check out the situation with your daughter's eye. What happened to her?" I was totally stunned! I felt like such a bad mom at that moment. My stomach was in knots and my heart started racing and I was so nervous. I know I didn't do anything wrong, but the fact that someone is basically accusing me of hurting Katelyn made me so mad! I told him what happened and he was like, "When did this happen? How old is she? When is her birthday? Can she talk?" I guess he wanted to ask her what happened. I told him that she doesn't talk that much and actually we had just left the Speech therapy session!" Then he took my name and address and birthdate. I felt like such a criminal. How embarrassing! Everyone in the freakin' store was staring at me. I might understand why someone might call the police if I was in the store yelling at her and mistreating her, but she was so good, just sitting in the cart being good! He walked out of the store and walked with me to my car, then was like "Have a nice day." I am still stunned that someone called the police! I just can't get over it. I told the cop that I guess I should start putting makeup on it before going out because I don't want another visit from him. He laughed and said "Yeah, I guess so!" SIDE NOTE: Erika, you better hope that the same person doesn't read your blog about how Taylor's tooth got knocked out!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary!!! I can't believe how time flies as you get older. I remember my mom used to tell me all the time that time goes by so fast and I used to think she was crazy!
So for our anniversary, we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went shopping for a new camera, since Katelyn got her little hands on ours and broke it! We had bought one on Monday night but when I took it home to play with it, I just didn't like it. So we took it back and haven't found the "right one" yet. I've been looking up some on the internet and I will probably buy a Canon. Chad's brother, who is a great photographer, said he has one that he loves and works well so I will probably get one too. Now to find the best price on one! I'm also refusing to get one that requires AA batteries. I'm only getting one that uses a Lithium-Ion battery. Anyways, after we went shopping a bit, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. It was SOOO good! I saved a bit of it so I could have some for today when the girls went down for a nap. Mmmm!!!

(So, I won't have pictures to post until I get a new camera. :()

In other news....Katelyn got ahold of scissors that Jordan was using and didn't put away, and cut her hair!! It's really short on one side and the back is long on top and underneath is short. I'm waiting to take her to the beauty shop because I have to take a before picture and a during and an after! I know, I'm nuts. But I have to document this milestone!! I have pictures of Jocee's first haircut so I have to do the same for Katelyn. If I didn't have 3 kids at home all day, I could go shopping for one during the day, but since I do, I'll probably have to wait til Saturday unless I buy one online and wait for it to come in the mail.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Out with the old, in with the NEW!

This is our old Lexmark printer that is also a fax. It doesn't work! The only thing that works on it is sending a fax! I liked that it was a printer/fax/copier/scanner, but the ink is SO dang expensive! Then once I finally splurged and bought the ink it still wouldn't print right. The letters had lines through them and smudges and it was just bad. Then the feeder (?) stopped working and the paper would get stuck. SOOOO...we got our tax refund and I bought this.....
The Kodak Easy Share 5300! I saw it on the Apprentice about a month ago and decided I was going to get it! It's supposed to print twice as many documents with one ink cartridge than other leading inkjet printers. Also, the ink cartridges are way cheap compared to the price of other brands. The black is only $9.97 and the color is $14.97 (or something close to that). I read about it on Wal-mart.com and saw that there were 3 models that were basically the same. The "lowest" model was the 5100 and it was $119.88 and the next up was the 5300 and it was $148.88. So I went to Wal-Mart today with the 3 girls and was going to get the 5100, which was marked $98.96. There was only one of the 5300 but no price on it. Then when I was walking out of the department, a saleswoman stopped me and asked if I got the ink because it didn't come with the printer. I said, "It doesn't come with the ink?? Are you sure? I think it does" She was like, "The next model up, the 5300 comes with ink but we are out of them." I said, "No you're not, there's one over there. I was just looking at it but there was not price for it." She said," Really? I believe it's the same price as this one, $98.96." I was like "ARE YOU SURE???" Anyways, it ended up being the same price so I got the better one!! I just now saw that it doesn't come with the USB cord though. Maybe I will find the one that I used with the old printer. I am SO excited to finally be able to print!!! Woohoo!!!
So after I got my printer I went to check out the vacuums and I got this.....
A New Eureka Vacuum!!! It has all these cool attachments like a self-cleaning duster that I used on my blinds today, and a thing that attaches to the hose that you use to clean curtains, couches and stairs. I just got done vacuuming my whole house and you wouldn't believe how much crap was in the container! It is embarrassing!! I had to empty it half-way through the house! The container isn't the biggest but still!! It did a great job picking up what my other vacuum didn't. I just hope it continues to work like this for a very long time.

This is the old Dirt Devil that didn't work........
This is the great job it did in the living room. I know, there are stains...I have four kids! There's bound to be stains. Next, I'd like to get a carpet cleaner. There's always a spill to be cleaned up that I'd love to have one.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another trip to urgent care...

Jordan was home yesterday with a fever of up to 102. He cried that his whole body hurts. Then I'd give him some Tylenol and he'd feel better. Today it got up to 103 so I took him into a Pediatric Urgent Care. They tested him and he has Strep Throat AND both ears are infected!! The doctor said that everyone in the house should probably be tested for strep too because it's highly contagious and we should all get on antibiotics at the same time so we don't keep passing it around. I'm trying to convince Chad that we should all go in but he doesn't think he needs to see a doctor. It's not like you're unmanly if you go to a doctor! Geez. I feel like I might have an ear (or both) infection too. They are killing me and I can hardly hear out of them. Katelyn hasn't seemed like she's in any pain but she doesn't really complain that much so I'd like her to get looked at too. Anyways, I feel like I should get Lysol and spray down the whole house with it! I feel bad for Jordan cuz his Valentine's party is tomorrow and he is so sad that he can't go!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Tomorrow ONLY!! All the clearance that is already marked down to $2, $4, $6, $8, $10, etc...is BUY 1 Get 2 Free!!!! Lots of good deals! Doors open at 8am!!! Don't miss out on this awesome sale! Let me know if you want me to go with you so you can also use my employee discount too!
Also, I have coupons for an extra 20% off on February 10th--1 day only. It's Friends and Family day. Let me know if you want one. I have lots!

The Sick Family

Well, it started with me on Saturday. I was so bad. I felt awful. My whole body ached, I was sneezing every two seconds, I had a croupy cough, I couldn't breathe through my nose 'cause I was so congested so I had to breathe through my mouth and then my throat hurt. I had to call in sick to work because there was no way I was going to make it. I really didn't want to because when you get perfect attendance you get a coupon for an extra percentage off and now I won't get one :( Oh well, I had to stay home. Then Sunday, Callie started to get the runny nose and didn't want to eat much. Katelyn also has a bad cough and runny nose. The last two nights have not been fun. Callie is so congested that she can't breathe when she sleeps so she just cries. It's so sad. So I was up pretty much all night/morning with her last night. She would fall asleep on me for a little while, then abruptly wake up and scream. I ran a hot shower and sat in the bathroom with her then sucked the snot out of her nose. It helped a little bit. This morning I took her in to the Dr. and she has an ear infection on top of all that! Poor baby! I know exactly how she feels. It sucks! Luckily for Jocelyn, she got to stay at Grandma's house on Sunday night and when I told my sister about all of us being sick (Yes, Chad is now sick too!), she offered to keep her until we get well, so Jocee doesn't catch what we have. I think I haven't been able to get over it because since I am the Mom, I don't get to call in sick and get the rest that I need. I still have to cook, clean, do laundry, and take care of the other sickies! I don't know about your husbands, but when my husband gets sick, he walks around the house moaning and groaning and not doing much of anything except watching the stupid tv.
Okay, I'm done complaining about being sick. Oh yeah, Chad's mom was kind enough to bring us dinner tonight to help me out. It was yummy!