Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Midnight Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister Trini came to town to go with me and my sisters-in-law. I got there a little after 8pm and there was already a line wrapped all the way around to the back of the theater!!! Trini came a little while later and then the rest of them came. The line went pretty quick and then when we were let in the theater, we booked it to get a good seat! We did get good seats and then chatted as we waited for the midnight hour.
Here we are waiting outside. (We don't look alike, do we?)

Me and Christy waiting outside in line.

All of us girls! Sydney, Trini, Christy, Hayley, and me!

Being silly while we were in the theater waiting.

The movie was good! If only I had felt better, I would have enjoyed it more. But I still had a good time.

Urgent Care

After feeling like crud for most of the week, I finally took myself and Callie to urgent care (the dr's office was booked until Monday and I couldn't wait). I've had an earache since Sunday and it's gotten worse and I've had the worst headache that won't go away for like 3 days. I'd taken ibuprofen, Alieve, and Tylenol but nothing helped it. My head's all cloudy and hurts SO bad!
Callie has been really cranky for a long time and not sleeping well. She's also had a bad rash on her bum that won't go away either. I thought that since my ear was hurting that possibly that was her problem too.
Well, sure enough, Callie has double ear infection and an infection on her bum that could only be cleared up with prescription medicine. Poor girl!
As for me, the dr said I have fluid in my ear and that's why I have a bad earache. I told her about my other symtoms and she said I have an upper respiratory infection. For my headache she gave me Vicodin and Medrol. For my stuffiness she gave me Flonase. I'm taking 5 different prescriptions! She said that based on my sypmtoms I could possibly have Meningitis and if I wasn't feeling better by today, to go back to urgent care. So last night when I came home from getting them, I took the medicine. About 2 hours later, I was really nauseaous. I hate that feeling!! I thought crackers would help, but it made it worse. The kids were in bed and Chad went to get some Kleenex at the store so I was by myself. Well, I ended up....well, you know. I felt a little better but still kind of nauseaous. I tried to read my book but kept feeling like I had to throw up. So I just laid down, but then I couldn't breathe from being stuffed up. So I got another pillow and just sat against them in bed.
This morning is a little better. My head hurts a little and my stomach is uneasy. If I take a Vicodin, it will knock me out and Chad's outside working on the yard so I need to be awake.
There should be an unwritten rule that MOMS DON'T GET SICK!