Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 28, 2009

You've Been Punk'd

Let me first start off by saying that for any of you who don't know my dad, he is the biggest joke-ster I know. He's always looking for a way to scare, trick, or tease people. So on Saturday, my sisters, my mom, and I went to the Womens Broadcast. After dinner, we came out and the car wouldn't start! So we got it jumped and drove to Auto Zone and got a new battery put in (I'm sure it helped that we were dressed up!) for free! So we decided we would make up a story to tell my dad about how we had to pay $100 for the battery and for someone to put it in for us. We knew he'd be so mad that we paid because it was still under warranty so it should have been free.
So we went home and had our story straight and told him what happened. He kept saying "Yeah right, yeah right" but still wasn't completely sure whether we were lying or not. Then he walked out the back door and went to the car. We thought that he might be going back to Auto Zone to try to get "our money" back. We thought it would be hilarious to watch him go in and argue with the guy so we all jumped off the couch, grabbed keys and jumped in my van! As we were running out the door, Teddy said that he was going to Kohl's but we thought he still might go to Auto Zone first. Lexee sat in Katee's carseat--it was hilarious! So we went to both Auto Zones but he wasn't there. So we decided to go to Kohl's and see if he was there. We found his car and saw that he had found the receipt for the battery so he knew we didn't pay anything. So we felt the need to still get him back. We first though of moving the car to the other parking lot, but Trini didn't have a key to the car. Then we thought of taking something out of the car. Then Trini said "Let's hide in the car and scare him!" So she hid in the trunk with her cell phone and we were going to park inconspicuously somewhere we could still see the car and when he came out we would text her that he was coming. So we ended up waiting for him to come out about 40 minutes!
So he comes out, gets in the car, and Trini covers her mouth and starts yelling "HELP ME! HELP ME!!" He didn't hear her at first, then thought it was the radio. So he finally turns down the radio and can still hear her! So he stops driving (still in the parking lot), gets out of the car and looks under the car with this horrified look on his face!! My mom, Lexee, and I had gotten out of the van to see better and we are just cracking up! So once he realizes that there's no one under her car, he KNOWS there's someone in the trunk! He was so scared! He kept looking around like he was looking for someone to tell, but there was not a soul in sight! (Thank goodness) He stood like 10 feet away from the car and kept scratching his head like "What the crap am I gonna do!?? I don't wanna open the trunk!" So he remembers that there's a button inside the car that will open the trunk, so he pushes it and stands to the side of the car--still afraid of what's inside! So when the trunk opens, Trini jumps up and screams thinking that he would be standing there and she's thinking "Where is he??" He peeked his head around to see who's there and Trini is busting up laughing! He said he still didn't know it was her because he was so scared and it was kind of dark and she was covering her face. So by this time, Lexee,Mom and I are laughing so hard and we drive over to them. He still had this spooked look on his face and still isn't quite sure what just happened. So we get out and are like "We got you!!!!" So we're standing outside laughing and asking him what he thought was going on, and the whole time he was still spooked! It was like he was so in the moment of someone being trapped in his car that it still hadn't hit him that it was a joke.
So we came home and told Chad and Teddy what happened and finally Dad was laughing and joking about it. I wish we would have had a camera for the whole thing. It was one of the funniest things ever!!! We couldn't believe we actually pulled a prank on the prankster himself!! It was awesome!! He told us to watch our backs, of course.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dbacks game with 6 kids!

A friend of mine gave me 6 tickets to the Dbacks game but since Chad doesn't usually get home until late, I decided to take all the kids and 2 of their friends to the game by myself! Crazy, I know but I knew the kids would have a blast so I braved it. The older girls are such great help and my kids love them so much!
They had lots of fun cheering, clapping, and dancing. They lasted about 4 1/2 innings with all the food that I brought and only 2 potty trips. Once they were done with the food, we decided to go to the Sandlot play area and the kids played there for a while. They all had a fun time and I didn't go insane!

Jodan and Kelly dancing video:

Callie thought it was hilarious to push the chair up and Kelly made a funny noise. She was cracking up! By the time I got the camera out, she was getting tired but still funny nonetheless.

Kelly and Katie were squeezing eachother's faces saying "Go D-backs!" Kate thought it was hilarious!

Kelly and Katee were dancing but since I was so close to Kate you can't really see her. Kelly's a good dancer though!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Surprise Teacher Meeting

So I went thru the drive thru to pick up the kids after school today and they got in and said "Mom, Jocelyn's teacher needs to talk to you right now." I was like, "What? Why? What did you do??! Why does she want to talk to me? Did you take something bad to school?" She looked all innocent and pulled out a paper from her backpack that had two lists of words on it. She said "She wants to talk to you about this." "Why? What about it? I can read the note on it without having to talk to her." " But Mom! She said she needs to talk to you!" "Okay, let's find a place to park."
So we walk to her room and the teacher is coming out in a hurry and I'm holding the paper with the lists and she shows me all the green dots next to 95% of the words. "Green dots mean she could read the word to me. As you can see, Jocee can read almost all of them. She's ready for the 3rd list! The most any other kid can read is 6 words! So I want her to start reading more difficult books every day and she'll probably be tested to see what reading level she's at so she can check out books at her level." So Franklin definitely helped her last year! Yay for Jocee!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cheer Bunny

Friday night was Jocee's cheer performance at the football game. Since I didn't know what side she'd be at we just found a spot where there was room for us. Then naturally, they come out and we can't find her among all the little girls out there! Finally we see her on the other side of where we were! So I have some video of far away, then I made a quick decision to (while holding Callie) fight my way down closer to see her better. So here's the two videos I was able to get:

You can see her better in this one but I missed the first part of the dance while I was making my way down the bleachers through the crowd. She looks so cute and was SO excited to be there!

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Here she is after I got her. She was on cloud nine and couldn't stop smiling.
The picture is blurry, I know-sorry.

This is her best friend Maria that she made at school this year! They looked so cute!!

I made the girls matching bows to wear for their performance that they were very excited about. After I took this picture I decided to spray it with glitter too! It looked awesome and Jocee wore it proudly!