Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thanksgiving pictures

Okay, so I know it's late to be putting up Thanksgiving pics but I don't care! So since both of our families live here, we went to my Aunt Susan's house first! The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins and jumping on the trampoline. We took ours down because it was getting pretty nasty so they enjoyed jumping again!

Jordan was jumping so stinkin' high! I thought he was going to fall off.

Katelyn also gave her best shot at jumping! She had a blast running around and playing with her cousin Jaycee.

They also played a game of football! Jordan got to get in on the action too! He had so much fun playing with the big kids.

My sister, Trini posing with her favorite girls! They say we look alike...what do you think?

My Cleaning Lady

Yeah, right! I wish Santa would bring me a REAL cleaning lady!!

Anyways, one thing I cannot stand is a dirty floor. It just drives me crazy! When the floor is shiny and clean, I just feel so much better. So yesterday I was on all fours scrubbing away and Katelyn came over to me and said "Help! Help!" So I got her a scrub brush and away we went! She thought it was so much fun and got her pants all nice and wet! Chad was so impressed that at least one of our kids helped clean up.

I love how she's looking up at me as if to say "Look at me Mom! Did I miss a spot?"
If only they stayed this young and innocent and willing to clean!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fun Weekend

We went to my parents house in Coolidge on Saturday afternoon to hang out. Their ward Christmas party was that night but we didn't know what time it started so we went around 7:15pm. When we got there, everyone was done eating and they were just bringing out Santa! We were sad we missed the food but the kids were happy they got to see Santa and tell him what they wanted!

Jocee was actually not hesitant to go talk to him. Last year she was too scared.

Here are the girls munching on cookies that I made just before we left to go. I think they had like 5 each!! Little piggies. Luckily they were bite-size! :)

On the 29th, Callie turned 5 months old!! She still seems so small to me but she's already had her first taste of rice cereal (she didn't mind it, but wasn't thrilled about it either), can roll both ways, is getting up on her hands and knees to crawl, can move her way around the room on the floor, and is trying to sit up by herself!!! My little over-achiever!! She continues to smile all the time, giggle, and is so snuggly. I love her so much! The nights I have to work, I miss her so much. Sometimes I wake her up when I get home (even though it's 11 or midnight) so I can feed her (and to cuddle and kiss her!!). She's such a doll!!
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Rainy Day

The kids had so much fun playing in the rain on Friday! They got sopping wet but it never rains so it was all good fun!

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