Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And the name is.......

So after much brainstorming and several names already existing........the name of my bow business is.......Munchkin Bows! Cute, eh? I think it is anyway. I have created a website for it www.munchkinbows.blogspot.com. I am continually making new bows of different colors and styles so check back often! Tell your friends and neighbors! If you have a business and want to trade blogvertising, let me know!! Or if you will add my business blog to your family blog, please do!!! I appreciate all your help!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Idol Contest

Callie is a contestant in Mix 96.9's Baby Idol Contest! The voting started today! I don't know how long voting is for. For each valid email address you can vote once a day so PLEASE go vote for her!!!!!!!!! It's easy! Just copy this link


and past it in the address space and it will take you right to her page. Click on "Vote for Me" then you just type in your email address!! Easy as pie! The more you vote, the better!!

Thanks Everyone!!