Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Jordan!

So this isn't in chronological order but at least I put the pics up! LOL!

Here he is checking out his new DC wallet. He loves it! Grandma Gardiner gave him a giftcard to Tartget so he immediately put it in his new wallet.

New sunglasses!

Lexee took him to Krispy Kreme to get his free 1/2 dozen birthday donuts and they gave him a WHOLE DOZEN!! Enough for the whole family!

New football!
I took the kids swimming while Daddy was still working.

Chillin' like a villain.

LOVE this pic of Callie!!

New watch!
He took this pic of himself!

I made him strawberries and cream pancakes for breakfast. He ate every last drop!

His Spongebob last minute (literally) cake! Not my greatest work, but he still loved it and that's all that matters!

The kids love playing with Uncle Brad!

Jordan modeling his new outfit from Whitcomb Grandparents. He LOVES it!! He wants to wear it every day to school. He's really into looking "cool" or his idea of cool anyway and he's somehow discovered brand names. Now that Mervyns is no longer, I have decided my new place to get decently priced clothes for the kids is Ross and they carry the brands that he likes.


Adventures in cute hair

For some reason, the last two mornings I have been in the mood to do a little more than the usual with Jocee's hair and she actually sits patiently while I do it. When I'm finished she's SO happy she looks "so beautiful!" Even Jordan came in and said "WOW!! Jocelyn you look beautiful!" Made her feel like a million bucks!

Her model pose.

On the topic of cute hair, if you need ideas for your daughter's hair or just want to see amazing hair-do's, check out this blog: http://hair4myprincess.blogspot.com/ So cute!! I want directions to follow so I can do them too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

Okay, so I have been busy with my bow business and am way behind on our family blog. But better late than never. So here's the kids on their first day of school.

Katee is going to the same preschool as last year and has the same teacher. She asks every day if she has school tomorrow. She LOVES it!! She takes the bus to and from school and does great!

Jordan is in 2nd grade at a new school, Robson, this year and so far is going good. Not nearly as much homework as Franklin and not so rushed on the academics. It's a good change of pace for him. He really struggled with it last year and got frustrated and would just give up and cry. Not ideal for a kid! So this school seems to be a better fit for him. I am so glad. He's already made friends and loves playing soccer at recess with the "big boys."

Jocee is doing Kindergarten again because she started Kinder last year as a 4 year old and at the end of the year, her teacher said she didn't feel like she was socially ready for 1st grade--academically, yes, but socially no. She said she wasn't very confident and didn't take the initiative to do things. So we decided to take the teacher's advice and put her back in Kinder. So far, a week into school, she already has "girlfriend drama!" They don't really do "work" like she's used to so it's a good time for her to work on her social skills. She's learning the dynamics of "girls" and all the drama that comes with it--"Today Brooke said she's not my friend! She's friends with Hannah now! She told me to be friends with Marie because we have the same color shoes and I don't like her!" It's unbelievable how early all the drama begins--the movie Mean Girls keeps popping in my head! Anyway, she's been a good little saleswoman for me too! All her friends want bows/flowers like hers! She handed out business cards to them today! LOL! She was so excited!

Jordan's Baptism

Last Thursday, August 13th, 2009 Jordan was baptized! He was so excited to get baptized and had been counting down the days for a while. Since I had never planned a baptism before, I wasn't sure of all the details and whatnot and didn't have any checklist or anything to go by. So I looked online and found a program template and got that filled out. I just figured I'd conduct. Well, when we were waiting for people to arrive, a feeling came to me that I could not conduct. It occurred to me that possibly a Priesthood holder had to conduct. So luckily the Bishop arrived and agreed to conduct. I was so embarassed that I didn't know that little detail, but oh well--we live and we learn. It was a small, intimate baptism and I think everyone there felt the Spirit. His Grandpa Gardiner gave a good talk on Baptism and his Great Grandma Sackley gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.

Here he is anxiously waiting for people to arrive.

Great Grandma Sackley

Jordan and Daddy

Cousin Ryan
Garrett, Jordan, and cousin Kyle

All the cousins!
Uncle Teddy, Uncle Brad, Jordan, and Aunt Lexee

Jordan with his Grandpa Bear and Grandma Ellen. Grandpa Bear had just had knee replacement surgery a WEEK ago and was in lots of pain, but really wanted to be there for Jordan so he DROVE my mom and brother from Coolidge to Mesa. My mom had been having dizzy spells for the last 3 days and had been couped up in her room and didn't think she was going to make it. So we all prayed that she would be well enough for her to come and she was!! We were so happy and Jordan was pleasantly surprised because he didn't know they were going to make it.

Some of the group...

Grandpa and Grandma Gardiner with Jordan

Great Grandma Sackley and cousin Sydney

The girls practicing their piano skills before the baptism.

Callie practicing her talk...LOL!

Jocee and her modeling pose.

Jordan very excited!!

During the baptism Callie sat next to her cousin Chloe and they became best friends! Callie kept saying "Chwo-ie! Chwo-ie!" the whole rest of the night! It was so cute. She doesn't like to hold anyone's hand so this was priceless!!

Our Family

Jordan and Daddy