Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stupid Cat

WARNING: Animal activists (or whatever they're called) should not read this!

I noticed that Rocky, our German Shepherd/Lab, was barking like crazy at something inside our shed about 5 days ago. The kids said that there was a hole in the shed and he was barking at the neighbor's dog. Well, I was outside Tuesday cleaning up the backyard a bit (Daddy's never home to do it anymore) and he started barking again, but I noticed that the neighbor's dog wasn't barking. So I looked in the shed and there was no hole.....there were 2 eyes staring back at me!! It was a cat! I hate cats. I'm extremely allergic to them. Jordan was determined to try to help the cat get out but he wasn't budging. So finally today while the kids were playing in the back yard (I was inside cleaning, of course) I heard a bunch of commotion and kids screaming and Jocee came running in crying and saying that the cat came out and Rocky was chasing it. So I ran to the back door (didn't dare go outside! I know, I'm a bad mom) to see what was happening. Rocky had the cat by the neck in his mouth flailing it around! We were all yelling at Rocky but he wasn't listening. I thought food might do the trick so I got a hot dog and started throwing pieces at him but that didn't stop him either. After about 3 minutes, the cat was a gonner! The kids (okay, me too) felt so bad. I made them all come in the house and I called animal control. The lady said that they wouldn't pick it up on my property and that it had to be moved to the curb! Heck NO!!! I was NOT going to go near the animal much less put it in a box and take it to the curb!! I told the lady that and she said there would be at least a $50 fee for someone to come do it for me. I DON'T THINK SO! So I could either wait till Chad gets home late tonight and have a dead cat in my back yard and not let the kids play outside or find someone else who would move it for me. So I remembered that the Eyrings 4 houses down (they're in our ward, the kids are friends, and the oldest daughter is our amazing babysitter) have a couple of boys who might do it for me. Sure enough, Matthew came right away with a bag and a box, picked it up with his bare hands and took it to the curb for me!! Our hero for the day!! Yeaaa!!! So now I'm waiting for animal control to come get it! That will teach cats to come in our yard!! He catches birds that eat his food too! So that was our morning. Now all 4 kids are playing at the Eyring's house while I have a nice quiet lunch all to myself! Love that family!!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Medical Weekend

So on Thursday, Jocelyn was trying to jump up to reach a branch on a tree and missed and on her way back down, she slid her arm down the bark of the tree and got some splinters and a really big piece stuck in her arm. She let me try to get it out, but I just couldn't get a grip on it to pull it out. It was in there really good. When I said that we'd have to take her to the Urgent Care to get it taken out, she went nuts--screaming and crying. So I told her we'd wait one more day (she had Track and Field Day the next day) and see if I could get it out after school. Well, I tried, and I couldn't. It hurt her to move her arm certain ways. So I had to take her once Chad came home from work at 7:30pm. She was so upset. We checked in at 7:56pm and didn't leave the place until 11pm!! They put a numbing medicine on it first. Then the dr came in. He tried 4 different tools to get it out! She did very good at holding as still as she possibly could through the crying. I was almost positive they were going to have to hold her down while he dug in her arm, but they didn't! I was so proud of her. The dr. said it was in there pretty deep and that I couldn't have taken it out myself, so it was good I took her in. Afterward, she got lots of stickers and was so glad it was over with! (And so was I!)
Also on Friday, Callie had bad diarrhea ALL day. I didn't really think anything of it except that maybe it was from the juice she had drank--I don't usually let them have a lot of juice. Then when the kids and I went to rent a movie that night (before taking Jocee to UC), Callie had projectile vomiting in her carseat! She got the back of my seat! She was covered in it and the kids all felt so bad for her--as did I. It was sweet to see how concerned all the kids were fore her. So we rushed home and threw her in the bath. I decided that I would watch her the next day before taking her to the dr. What can they do about barf and diarrhea anyways? Not much. I already knew to keep her on the BRAT diet so that's what I did Saturday. She didn't eat much that day but still had diarrhea. But no throwing up. So Saturday night we had planned on going to a party at Chad's cousin's house and had a sitter lined up. Just before she came, I noticed that Callie was acting really clingy and was a bit hot. So I told Chad that I think we should take her and that I didn't think she was feeling so good. So I packed her stuff and got ready to walk out the door......about 5 feet from the door, she threw up all over me and the rug! We were already going to be late but now that I had a barfy baby, I told Chad that we should just miss the party and take her to Urgent Care. The dr said there was a stomach virus going around and that it was highly contagious and that the other kids are likely to get it too (and maybe even us!). So while we were talking to the dr, my phone rang and it was the sitter and she said that Katelyn had thrown up!! So I asked her how she was doing now and she said that she was fine and was in the bath. I asked her if she minded if Chad and I got dinner before coming home and she said it was fine. So we went to Applebee's and all seemed fine. Then about 10 minutes after getting our food, Callie wanted me to hold her. So I put her on my lap and what do ya know? She throws up all over me (and my purse and the table!) again! I got up and went to the car and got my food to go. We got home and Callie threw up 3 more times before going to bed!
So we knew that church was out of the picture. Thankfully Callie and Katelyn did not have any more episodes that day, but Jordan got sick though. They only ate bread, applesauce, water, and bananas. Now we're out of bread, applesauce, and bananas! LOL! Then as we were going to bed, Chad got sick! So me and Jocee are the only ones who haven't gotten sick so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Chad didn't want to call in sick after just starting a new job, but he was up all night and knew he wouldn't make it through work today. I'm hoping that everyone will be good to go by tomorrow. Jordan said he's feeling good today and so did Katelyn. But the dr warned us that a day could go by with no barf and then the next day sick again. So we'll see. Hopefully the week isn't as bad as the weekend was!!