Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally! Lake Pictures...

Here we are driving in the car.....the kids were really excited. Only Jocelyn has been to the lake so Jordan and Katelyn were a bit nervous.

You get one of these wheelbarrow things to put your stuff in to take stuff from your car to the boat dock. The girls hitched a ride too!

Jordan and Kyle checking out the scenery
Chloe checking out Kyle's bubble

Jocelyn and Daddy chillin
Kate loved going fast!
Mommy and Katelyn

Jordan got to go tubing first. He was so giggly and couldn't stop smiling!

Go Jordan!!! Wooooo hooooooo!!!

Chloe and Kate watching Jordan from the back of the boat.
This was him when he was done....pure joy!

Next was Jocee's turn. Her cousin Sydney was nice enough to go with her so she wouldn't be scared. She had a blast!
Then it was Katelyn's turn. She DID NOT want to go, but I thought that once we started going that she'd love it. So I forced her (mean mom, I know) to get in the water and get on the tube with me. She kept crying and saying "Poopy! Poopy! Poopy!" So I checked her but I didn't see anything. It was her way of trying to get me to put her back in the boat.....she's s tricky one! So we started going and she was still crying and still didn't want to be on it, so I let her get off. Oh well, it was an experience!
Then I got to have a turn all by myself! The kids had fun laughing at me from the back of the boat.
Cutie Kate!

Grandma holding Chloe and Katelyn. They both wanted her to hold them. They sure love their Grandma!

Uncle Chris doing a back flip off the boat! Go Chris!!
After hours of fun in the sun, we headed home. Here's what they all looked like about 10 minutes after we left..........

What a fun way to spend a Saturday!! Thank you Breretons for inviting us!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nothing New

So I haven't posted in a while....these kids have been keeping me busy. I can't wait for school to start!!
We went to the lake this past weekend...pictures to come!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


On Thursday we finally went to pick up our van!! It wasn't as cold as it was before the thing stopped working, but it was better than it was the last time they gave it to us. So we went to the store and when we came out and started it up, Chad noticed smoke/vapor coming from under the hood. So we looked under the hood and a line connecting to the a/c was leaking refrigerant!!! While we drove home, the a/c was starting to get warm again. So we dropped it off at home and drove the Sienna to Chad's parents house for a 4th of July party. Chad called the dealership and left a message for the guy telling him what was going on. I don't know if they are open today either, but our warranty is up JULY 5TH, TODAY!! I think they dragged this on to wear out the warranty then we'd have to take it somewhere else. Either that or they are really stupid and don't know how to fix our vehicle.