Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1 Month Old Already??!!

I can't believe she's already been in the world for 1 whole month! So far, I've survived with 4 kids! Callie is doing great. She's holding her head up pretty well and is starting to smile when I talk to her. She sleeps well at night--usually from about midnight (she's a night owl like her parents) until 6 or 7am! Occasionally up once in between to eat. She's going to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see how much she weighs...Katelyn's going too--can't wait to see how much she weighs! LOL!
Chillin' with Daddy

Giving Dad a smile!

Pretty blue eyes

Looking at Daddy and grinning
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Real Life Dora!

My cousin Dora--oops! I mean Alex!

Cute Pics

My 3 Girls

Just one of Katee's many faces!

Mommy, Jocee & Katee on 4th of July

Katelyn & Aunt Lexee came to visit Mommy and Callie at the hospital
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The Dreaded Dentist

So I made a dentist appointment for Jordan and Jocee to get their teeth cleaned. It's routine at the dentist's office to take x-rays first to make sure they haven't gotten any new "problem teeth." Well...Jordan needs ANOTHER baby root canal (he's already got a mouth full of silver teeth!) and will be moderately sedated. And Jocee needs 5 fillings and a baby root canal too!! She will have to be put completely out with an IV and the whole nine yards! When Jordan got his teeth done last year, he was so funny because he was knocked out and was drowsy when he came out and he couldn't feel his teeth and kept telling us "My teeth feel funny." He also talked hilariously because he was still kinda out of it and with no feeling in his mouth! We tried really hard not to laugh in front of him. So no more juice for these kids! Grandma was kind enough to get us a bunch of sugar-free drink powder in several flavors so the kids can drink that. It's actually really good!

Monday, July 23, 2007

House Update

We have had our house on the market since about February and didn't get one offer and only a few showings in 6 months. After having a new baby, we decided to give up on selling it...at least for a while. It's insane to try to keep the house immaculate with 4 kids! Chad's cousin and her family just bought a new house and are upgrading some things and were kind enough to let us have their brand new carpet, countertops, and dishwasher! Now we are in search of someone who knows how to lay carpet and put in countertops who would be willing to help us. We also want to make a tile entry and put carpet in our family room, which is currently all tile. Anyone wanna volunteer? :) Our hope is that after we do some of these upgrades, we will be able to sell it.

New Hair Style

Okay, so I like my hair long and Chad likes it long, but with a new baby who has a mighty grip and always seems to pull my hair out, I think it's time for a new style. I'm thinking I'd like to color it too but I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't want something that will take a lot of time to do...I want easy, yet sophisticated. Does anyone have any ideas?


I just love this picture--especially the fact that the only pair of boy feet has a Dora band-aid on them!
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Sunday, July 22, 2007

4 Angels

Our 4 cute kids! Jocelyn, Jordan, Callie, & Katelyn. Jocee is 3, will be 4 October 15th. Jordan is 5, turning 6 August 5th. Callie is 1 1/2 weeks (in this picture). And Katelyn will be 2 October 28th. Jocee is our girly-girl! Loves babies (especially her new sister) and playing dress-up. She is very artsy too-very good at drawing, writing, painting, and coloring. She could sit and color for hours! Jordan loves to play dress-up too, but he dresses up as Spiderman, Batman, and Superman. He would live outside if Mom would let him! He has got the greatest imagination and wants to be just like his Daddy. Callie is the newest addition and loves to be held by her Mommy. She sleeps good at night and that makes Mom very happy :) Katelyn, or Katee, as we sometimes call her, is SO funny! She makes us laugh every day. Her personality is great! Never a dull moment- she's always on the go! She likes to bring me the remote to the stereo so I'll put on music so she can "shake her boodie" and dance. She is so much fun to have in our family. Each of our kids are different in their own ways -- which makes our lives full of adventure!

Our precious new little Callie Lauryn.