Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trip to Orthopedic Doc

I went to the Orthopedic dr on Monday to see what was wrong with my knee. I signed in and sat down. A few more people came in and the X-Ray tech came out and said "Chad." So this guy got up and went to get x-ray'd. I didn't think much of it--Chad is a pretty common name. So on the way out, I was standing at the counter making a follow up appt and the sign in sheet was right there and my mom said "Why did you sign in as Chad?" I was like "What? I didn't." So I looked down at the sign in sheet and sure enough, 3 people after me was "CHAD GARDINER!!!" The odds of actually meeting someone with the same name (spelled the same too) are pretty low and then for him to be at the same dr at the same time as me I thought was incredible. My dad said "He stole Chad's identity!"
Anyway, the dr said that since I'm preggers, he wasn't going to do an MRI (which my ob today said was ok to do), but he did different movements with my knee/leg and felt around and asked what hurt and he thinks either 1. Partially torn medial collateral ligament that would heal on its own in 4-6 weeks OR 2. tore my meniscus which would require surgery to repair but couldn't be done till after I have the baby---and how will I have a newborn and 4 kids, then go have surgery and be down for days?????? So I'm hoping that it is #1 and I will be healed and not need surgery (and not continue to have knee problems as my weight increases with each passing day!) So that's the update on that problem. (I won't give details about my horrid evening last night but am thankfully feeling better than I was thanks to some meds the dr gave me today.) What else is going to happen to me this pregnancy? Geez!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekends are Weekends!

Last week Chad got a page from his "duty officer" (boss) that said "call me." So he called him and he was offered a new position as an O2 driver, delivering oxygen tanks to patients and picking them up. One of the perks is that he works Mon-Fri and gets Sat and Sun off!!! Woo hoo!!!! We are all so excited to have Daddy back on Saturdays! He has been doing it for a week and says it is so easy and is the same pay that he was already making. What a blessing!