Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cute and funny Callie

Callie playing in her exersaucer.

Peek a boo!!
What a cute smile! Too bad the picture's blurry :(
Katelyn thought she'd be nice and feed Callie her food. (SIDE NOTE: Katelyn put that hat on all by herself.)

This is by far the funniest picture of Callie!

Father and Son Campout

This last weekend the boys went on the ward's Father/Son camp-out. They were excited to go and have some dirty fun. They went up on Friday when Chad came home from work and came home on Saturday afternoon...and boy, were they filthy and smelly!!
I didn't sleep well that night. I was first greeted by a nasty roach in the hall bathroom, then later another one in my bathroom! So I kept thinking while I was laying in bed that another one was going to come out in my room and crawl on me in bed so I couldn't sleep. Then I kept hearing noises and freaking myself out.

Jordan and his friend Tanner crossing a creek.
These two have so much fun together. They have very similar personalities so they get along really well.
Trent Payne (Tanner and Taylor's dad) brought horseshoes to play so the boys had fun playing that.
Jordan was so excited to go on a hike with Chad. It's all he could talk about before they left. He packed his binoculars so he could see the birds up in the trees.

Laughing Baby

Nothing's cuter than a baby laughing! Callie had a blast playing on my bed. It was so fun!

Lots of fun for a Monday

My sister called and invited us to go with her and her "Nanny Kids" (for lack of a better word) to Chuck E. Cheese's! The kids were so excited! Here's Katelyn in the car looking cool.She liked driving the car in this game.
Callie liked playing by the school bus.
Here they are riding together. I put Katee on the train behind them in this picture and she thought it was so fun until...I put the money in and it started moving! She started screaming and freaking out and immediately got off! She did not like it one bit! It was so funny.
Callie wasn't afraid of the moving train though. She actually liked it!

It's nice to reap the benefits of my sister working for a rich family! The Mom gave Lexee enough money to buy food and get coins for her kids AND mine! Although, when Jordan came home from school and saw where we'd been (from the girls' prizes) he was not too happy. Now I have to take him. I felt bad but he was at school! Next time!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Birthday Week!

My birthday was last Tuesday, the 15th! My Mom-in-law had a luncheon party for me and Chad's sisters and aunts came. It was yummy and fun!! Then later that day Jordan had a baseball game. After his game, Chad and I went to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse (like Texas Roadhouse only cheaper.) They have a good deal where you get 2 dinners for only $13.99!! Plus they have YUMMMMYYYY rolls that just melt in your mouth!! It was so good. Then when we came home, we had cheesecake that Chad surprised me with. Mmmmm!! It lasted a few days til we scarfed it down. My dad came over the day before to give me my card and gave me some money to spend on myself (since I hardly ever do it) and Chad's mom gave me some too!
Then on Friday, my mom and sisters and brother came to town from Coolidge to take me to lunch and then shopping afterwards while my brother babysat the kids. We went to lunch at Gecko Grill then went shopping for clothes. I got some cute shirts and shorts and capris. It was nice to shop and not have to chase after kids or keep giving them food to keep them quiet or listen to them fight over who holds the bag of food. We did take Callie with us and had a poopy blow-out and she threw up twice, once all on my mom and herself so we had to get her a new outfit (she pooped on the extra one.) Aside from that, it was fun!
Then on Saturday night, I had a girl's night out with Chad's sisters and cousin. We had dinner at Olive Garden then went to the new San Tan Mall. It was a beautiful night! We walked around and had a good time with NO kids! What a great week it was for me!! I wish I had a week like that more often! (Don't all moms?!)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hilarious Video of 2 cute kids on YouTube

Fun at the Beach

We went to Huntington Beach on Saturday after the kids got tired at Knott's but by the time we got there is was late in the afternoon and quite chilly. Chad and Jordan didn't let the cold stop them! They went right in the ocean!

Here he is trying to contain the shivers because he's freezing but having so much fun he can't stay out of the water!

Jocee and I preferred to have our fun in the sand!! Even then, I was still freezing my toosh off!

He came running back..... "I'm fweeeezing!!"

Then snuggled up with his towel to warm up!

Before he snuggled up with the blanket he had a run in with a wave....watch the video...it's hilarious! (It's obvious my kids don't know what's in ocean water!)

A short time later, we packed up and went back to the hotel. The kids said they wanted to get in the hot tub at the hotel so they could warm up.

The sun was almost all the way down...