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Our Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Callie!

"Callie what do you want for your birthday?" "BALLOONS!!!" So she woke up to lots of balloons the morning of her birthday! She was so happy!!

I got her a super cute zebra/pink pettiskirt and made her a couple of matching tops so I had to make her an over-the-top bow to match! I had never made this type of bow but found them online for $16.95 for ONE, so I decided to give 'em a whirl! I also found a little boutique that had a bottlecap with the zebra and a pink "C" so I had to make adjustments to attach it to one. I think they turned out pretty good. She got lots of compliments on them, so I think I'm gonna start selling this style too!

Here she is sporting her new bows---I did her hair and she hadn't seen her bows yet but said "Where's my birthday bow??!!" So I went and got them and her eyes lit up so big and got a huge smile and was so excited about them---made all the work sooo worth it!

We had a little swim party at Grandma Gum's house with her cousins....here's Kate, Chloe, and Jocee waiting for pizza!

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

I don't know why Joc is sticking her butt out like that but I just love the joy in Callie's face that I had to post it. She kept saying "It's my birthday! It's my birthday!" all day long! She really did have a great day.
The party guests....
Opening presents! A tea party set from Chloe!

Her brother, the Rockstar!

Grandma Ellen and Callie

Her new outfit!! I think she's so freakin' adorable in this outfit!! She just loved prancing around in it at home!

A few modeling pics...

Twirling her skirt!

She had a super great day!

The next morning she said "It's not my birthday anymore."


Hayley said...

Happy Birthday Callie! You look adorable!

Sovereign Family said...

Thanks for reading our family blog! I love it when people find us and comment. Feel free to add our blog to your list of friends and family. to answer your question there will be no replacement for the elephant, as sad as that might be it wouldn't be the same.